The most exciting structures in the world

The architects plus assorted developers perform everything in their energy to create the building that might be distinctive and draw in the individuals interest.
One of the unusual structures is certainly Katowice’s Spodek (from Polish – a saucer).

A unique building looks like an UFO saucer plus it really is a real symbol of the town. It has been developed in seventies by individuals who were sick of ordinary-looking property. The same people have also created the block of flats that look like corns.

It is worth to emphasize that ‘Spodek’ is the house for numerous cultural activities, such as concerts, fairs, as well as volleyball matches. A building is available for the visitors for free. Nevertheless, it is worth to go to it during many events to learn more about the big space and a great capacity of the building. Additionally, the location around the unique construction is also an worthwhile place to spend some sparetime. Here are few bars and the green area where each citizens plus holidaymakers might chill.
Where is Katowice?
Everybody who want to see the exclusive saucer need to visit Poland, the nation located in Europe, 1 of the European Union’s users. Katowice is put in the south region of Poland, in Silesia region which used to be popular from coal mines.
How to get there?
It is very simple.

One can go here by plane – there is located Katowice-Airport about twenty minutes from Katowice town Centre or by car – here is a direct highway that runs from Germany as well as the Czech Republic towards Katowice.